HighReach Learning Care Principles
HighReach believes that quality human being is a person who is balanced in the development of physical being, emotional being, social being, intellectual being and spiritual being.

Physical Being

Children need to develop knowledge and skills necessary to make nutritious food choices, develop self-helps and personal hygiene skills, and exercise their fine and gross motor.

Emotional Being

Children need to learn and explore their feelings, their sense of self. They need to express their emotions and initiatives, and to control their behaviors.

Social Being

Children need to learn to play together with their peers. If problems exist, they will explore ways of solving them and be together again as a team. They will build relationships with their peers and adults, and understand rules and limitaitons.

Intellectual Being

Knowledge is seen as dynamic, ever changing with our experiences. By using real life materials, children are encouraged to explore new things every day In our classrooms, the focus is the children. The classroom is no longer a place where teacher pours knowledge into passive children, who wait like empty vessels to be filled. Children are urged to actively involved in their own process of learning. We also believe that knowledge is not as inert factoids to be memorized but as dynamic, ever-changing view of the world we live in and the ability to successfully stretch and explore that view. By implementing this concept, children will learn how to develop thinking skills, communication and social skills, transfer skills to the real world and promote intrinsic motivation to learn.

Spiritual Being

To become a quality human being, children need to internalize values, morality and ethics. Children need to show empathy towards feelings and needs to others, show willingness to work together with adults and peers and show responsibility to follow through on a plan made by self or others.